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Butler Community College is an open admission institution, offering classes to individuals representing a full spectrum of academic ability.

A free Application for Admission is required.

To get started, choose which type of student you will be:  

New Student

I will attend Butler after I graduate from high school (or earn my GED).

Even if you took college classes while in high school, you will apply to Butler as at New Student.

Returning Student

I took classes at Butler in the past but have not taken classes for one semester or more and want to enroll again.

If you have been continuously enrolled at Butler you do not need to re-apply each semester.

Transfer Student

I am transferring to Butler from another college.

Guest Student:  

I would like to take a few classes at Butler. I may also be taking classes at another college. I am not seeking a degree or financial aid at Butler.

High School Student

I am currently in high school and want to take Butler classes while in high school.

If you plan to take Butler classes after you graduate from high school you will also apply as a New Student for the semester you will start.

International Student

I am a student from outside the United States.