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Tuition & Fees

When you add it all up, there’s a lifetime of value in a Butler education

Your decision to attend Butler will pay dividends throughout your career. It will also save you a lot on the cost of college. That’s because we offer a quality education at an affordable rate. You can reduce your costs now and, if you decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree at another institution, you can save on the overall cost because your credits will transfer to most other colleges.

2018-2019 Tuition & Fees (per credit hour)

Resident Type Tuition Fees Total
Butler County    $73.00  $33.00  $106.00
Kansas     $84.00  $33.00  $117.00
Out-of-State   $144.00  $33.00  $177.00
International Student   $189.00  $33.00  $222.00

*Semester Registration Fee: $15

How to calculate your costs

Each student pays a registration fee of $15 each semester. The total cost of a semester at Butler depends on the number of credit hours you take, the books and supplies you need and whether you will need on or off-campus housing.

1. Tuition & Fees*

To calculate your cost for tuition and fees, choose your residency status and multiply by the number of credit hours you are planning to take. Online student tuition and fee costs are also based on residency.

*Please note that you are considered a full-time student if you are enrolled in at least 12 credit hours per semester. However, if you want to graduate in four semesters, we recommend that you enroll in 15 or 16 credit hours per semester. A minimum of 12 hours is also required to qualify for some scholarships and to live in any of our Residence Halls. Federal Financial Aid is prorated based on enrollment and eligibility. 

2. Books

The costs of books can vary significantly depending on the classes you take. For the purposes of estimating, we generally suggest you add about $600 per semester.

*Examples based on 2018-2019 tuition and fee rates. 

Kansas Resident Example - Yearly (30 credit hours)

Tuition $2,520
Fees $990
Books (estimated) $1,200

Total $4,710

Out-of-State Resident Example - Yearly (30 credit hours)

Tuition $4,320
Fees $990
Books (estimated) $1,200

Total $6,510

International Student Example - Yearly (30 credit hours)

Tuition $5,670
Fees $990
Books (estimated) $1,200

Total $7,860

3. Housing

The average cost to stay in one of Butler’s on-campus residence halls is approximately $5,950 per year, which includes 19 meals per week. More specific information about housing costs can be found on our Housing Cost Sheet and Summer Housing Cost Sheet.

Other Costs

Online Courses: Students enrolling in online courses will be charged $47 per online course. 

Keep in mind that some courses may require separate, additional fees. You may also want to budget for personal living expenses such as transportation, insurance or child care.