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Office of the President

Welcome to Butler Community College!

Dr. Krull of Butler Community CollegeFor more than 91 years, Butler has been dedicated to academic excellence and student success. Embedded within our College’s culture is a dynamic learning environment which will support not only your personal but professional goals. Whether you are enrolled as a high school student, coming to us as a recent graduate, returning to prepare for the workforce, or taking courses for personal enrichment, you’ll discover a focus on student learning, development, and success both inside and outside the classroom. 

Our mission and vision today are more vital and vibrant than ever before. Learning is at the heart of our institution which is driven by quality and is dedicated to engaging you in your educational experience. When you wonder where you’ll be tomorrow and who will help you get there, at Butler your tomorrow is closer than you think. Butler’s outstanding faculty and staff will not only challenge you to learn and grow but will mentor and connect with you. They are innovators and leaders with an eye on excellence and a focus on helping you achieve your educational goals. They are here to make sure you finish what you start. As students, when you choose us, we choose you. When you succeed, so do we.

At Butler Community College, we understand you, your life and your goals and will help you create your tomorrow. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff, I’m pleased you have chosen Butler’s outstanding living and learning opportunities. Butler Community College is where thousands of tomorrows start, every day.

Together, “Let’s take tomorrow.” 

Kimberly W. Krull, Ph.D.